CapybaraCity is a collection of 3000 unique pixel art NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain, created by a software development student and an art student specializing in digital art. The goal of the project is to combine the two worlds and build an indie action game where your capybara NFT will be the character you play with and compete against other players.
Our Mission

Our Mission​

We want to build a strong community of citizens for our Capybara City and with their help preserve the classics of the indie game genre through the integration with the NFT




To make sure our holders get the highest quality nfts, the main focus and effort has been on creative input and execution of the artwork. From the smallest details to the deep thought process behind our collection, we are proud to introduce CapybaraCity.


Launching a website and social media to inform and build our community status, the most important part of the project. We want to give back to our loyal community, we will listen carefully to what you want in the future, to grow together. We want to hear your ideas in interaction, reward our valued members by creating prizes.


We will compile a whitelist for our community members. Our first 1000 members will be able to make a free mint limited to 2 nfts. 1000 will be a private mint limited to 2 nfts (0.01eth ) Our holders will be given roles in our Discord and will have a voice in votes regarding the future activities of the project


So it’s all about community and growing a rewarding brand for everyone involved. We have lots of giveaways planned for our loyal members/holders. The first 1000 WL owners are free mint. Weekly raffles that include prizes and NFT. Collaborations with the most interesting projects in the field. And most importantly the holders of our NFT are going to become citizens of the city, this means they will have a voice in decisions about the development of the city and the future game.


Now we are students but we really want to do what we do full time. We have the right team and the knowledge needed to bring our game to life. What we lack is money If the project reaches a volume of 75, we will start working on the MVP version of the game.


Coming soon



Free mint - 01/12/2022
Public sale - 02/12/2022
Public price - 0.01 eth

Our Team

Our Team


Main Artist & Founder


Game developer & Founder


Project manager & Founder


Marketing manager & Founder